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In a nutshell, Global Gold offers reliability in a secure and stable jurisdiction and is run by people who understand the world as many of our client do. They have one of the most sophisticated international gold storage vehicles available and, unlike many other options, you actually own the metals in a specific format held within their vaults, whether that be Silver Maple Leafs, Krugerands, or even the Swiss gold Vrenerli (a small gold 6.45g coin with .900 fineness)

Global Gold is domiciled in Switzerland and operates from an ancient building in the “Old Town” of Rapperswil. Its official address is:

Global Gold AG*
Herrengasse 9
8640 Rapperswil

The company was founded in 2008 and began precious metals services in July of 2009. Having already had 10 years’ experience in the precious metals business through their “mother” company BFI Capital Group, Global Gold has quickly grown into a well-known physical precious metals storage program.

Ownership: Global Gold is a 75% subsidiary of BFI Capital Group AG, a Swiss wealth management group in business since 1991 and founded by Frank Suess and his father Frank Suess Sr. It currently oversees more than USD $2 billion in total client assets and more than USD $250 million in assets under discretionary management. Two strategic Swiss partners hold the other 25% of the company’s shares.

Corporate and professional registration Global Gold AG was founded and registered as a corporation in accordance with Swiss rules. The company’s corporate registration number is CH-

The company is a registered member (registration number 12808) of VQF, a vocational organization of Swiss asset managers and financial services. As a member of VQF, Global Gold AG is regularly audited for adherence to the organization’s professional standards and anti-money laundering rules.

As well, the firm is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), whose objective is to ensure quality assurance according to professional standards and Swiss law.

What Global Gold does: The company’s most fundamental service is to offer investors a safe and convenient way of buying, selling, storing and/or delivering a variety of allocated bullion gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars, all within the confines of high-security vaults in Zurich, Switzerland.

So, unlike some other programs out there, you can buy metals in many varieties and formats and in any amount (so long as they meet minimum purchase requirements – CHF 50,000 on initial order, CHF 20,000 on future orders) and store it with them for safe keeping.

It is also worth mentioning that this method gives you the opportunity to buy your metals at lower-than-average rates, which, on higher volumes, can add up to a substantial savings.

The pricing structure will apply no matter whether you choose to store or take delivery.

Storage Details: Metals stored with them are kept at a private storage facility near the Zurich airport, which is operated by Viamat. In addition to holding the valuables of many multi-national corporations, this top-of-the-line high-security facility is used by the Swiss National Bank and other banks as well to store cash deposits.

So long as you choose to maintain your metals within that facility, no taxes will be assessed (in Switzerland, while gold goes tax-free, silver, platinum and palladium are subject to an 8% VAT upon removal from the facility).

Insurance: The metals are fully insured at any given time through Marsh Ltd. with Lloyd’s, London as underwriter.

No need to visit: One attractive feature of the Global Gold program is the ability to establish, buy and sell metals in an account without having to actually visit the country. There is also a secure online web site where you can login to review your holdings at any time, although buying and selling itself are done by fax / scan-in and e-mail.

Physically allocated and directly owned: As mentioned above, when you purchase metals through Global Gold, you are buying actual coins and bars according to your preferences.

Unlike ETFs and other “paper metal” solutions generally issued by banks, there are no “cash settlement clauses” that can cause the issuer to suspend payouts of metals in case of financial or monetary crisis or “unusual market conditions” and the like.

You own the Maple Leafs, Eagles, Nuggets, Philharmonicas or whatever you prefer just as surely as if it was in your own possession. As well, your metals cannot be pledged, leased or otherwise disposed of without your explicit instructions.

Courtesy Of International Man, Frank Suess Interview.

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