Our New book, recently released on Amazon & Kindle, discusses the number #1 topic in America today, “Bank Runs”, and the probable overnight devaluation of our savings accounts. We will advise your listeners what we have done to prevent this, and how “they” too can get out of “harm’s way” before it happens; thanks for considering us, John & Monica Miller, Waiheke Island, NZ.

PS – we have guested on the “Vince Coakley Show in North Caroline (100,000 listeners), The Mancow Mueller Show in Chicago with over 12 million listeners, The Financial Survival Show with 20,000 listeners, and the “Author’s Show” with 10,000 listeners, during the  last two weeks, and look forward to guesting on your show.

After 40 years on Wall Street, (Lehman Brothers, Dean Witter, Shields & Co., etc), and having hosted one of Hawaii’s top financial talk shows, I decided to take time out of semi-retirement and write on this timely subject, along with the help of Gerald Celente, John Williams and Simon Black, and numerous other experts.

Monica and I are available for interviews now, thanking you in advance for your consideration, John & Monica Miller

(727) 564 9416 (U.S. tel #)

You are a producer of a general talk show; we believe your listeners will want to hear our message of how to protect their savings from the “coming Banking Holiday” or capital controls (money can’t leave the country).

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